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501C3 # 27-4356750

Seed of Life Nurseries, INC. is fundraising to get our Mobile Farmers Market into area food deserts.

A mobile market will give direct distribution of groceries and fresh produce to low income communities. This project is designed to meet these needs, communities whom lack transportation. By bringing groceries to low income communities, we can provide a flexible “set-up” schedule to accommodate shopping times to specific communities. Groceries will have a diverse assortment of vegetables, fruits, dairies, cheeses, breads and meats that will meet their dietary needs for optimal healthy lives. The grocery costs are also designed to be competitive with, if not better, than stationary store fronts and convenient shops. This affords low income communities the opportunity to purchase needed groceries on a smaller budget.


Please help with this endeavor by donating at this website http://solnurseries.mydagsite.com/

You can donate on our website also through paypal @ the top of this page!

We also have an Amazon Smiles Account  27-436750 SEED OF LIFE

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